What we do

As a Europe based company, we supply enzymes as well as plant extracts for the human food as well as the animal nutrition sector. On top, we offer a consultancy service to support the acceleration of your business, from farm to food processing.

F Biotech - What We Do, providing solutions from nature

We are dedicated to:

  • Supplying enzymes for processing of proteins, and enhancing the nutritional benefits

  • Supplying plant extracts for antimicrobial preservation of food, and replacing antibiotic growth promoters
Human Food and Nutrition

Processing of Proteins


Antimicrobial preservation of Food against Yeasts/Fungi/Bacterial contamination


Animal Feed and Nutrition

Nutritional enhancement


Alternative to antibiotic growth promoters

We have more than 20 years of expertise in the field of enzymes and plant extracts, and support our clients by providing the ingredients as well as dedicated market insight to support the business of our clients.

Furthermore, we do support our clients in their quest for accelerating their innovation and sales to market by providing dedicated consultancy services, which enable a faster entry to market and a higher sales performance.