Human Food

In Human Food, we make use of enzymes to transform proteins into smaller fractioned peptides, and we make use of plant extracts to protect microbial contamination of food.

We support the processing of plant and animal based proteins.

Our enzymes change the characteristics of proteins as follow:

  • Nutritional e.g. Amino Acids spectrum
  • Functional e.g. digestability, viscosity
  • Organoleptic e.g. emulsification, gelling, flavor
  • Bio-Active e.g. dedicated peptides with positive metabolic impact


  • Meat Processing
  • Vegetable Processing
  • Fish Processing
  • Gelatin and Collagen Processing
  • Yeast Extracts
  • Dairy

hydrolysis of slaughterhouse co-products such as bones, blood plasma, blood and trimmings

hydrolysis of vegetable/cereal proteins such as soy, wheat/corn gluten, pea, rice

hydroylsis of co-products

hydrolysis of collagen for production of gelatin and GAGs

hydrolysis of yeasts for production of flavouring agents

hydrolysis of dairy proteins for fortified protein products

In Human food, we provide plant extracts to preserve food from contamination against yeasts, fungi and bacteria.

Our natural preservation ingredients allow the removal of traditional chemical preservatives like sorbates, benzoates….etc, and allow the setup of a clear and clean label.

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