Enzymes and plant extracts (also called Phytogenics) are the 2 technology pillars offered by our company for human nutrition, food processing and food preservation against microbial contamination, as well as animal nutrition/health.

Enzymes are natural proteins that provide catalytical activities for biochemical reactions. An enzyme is a processing aid which is typically being used to hydrolyse long chain molecules into smaller chain molecules typically for the purpose of better nutritional performance, better solubility, improved digestibility.

Enzymes are being used in processing of Proteins (from plants and animals), Baking, Brewing, Dairy/Cheese and Fruits/Vegetables.

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Phytogenics are plant extracts, derived from herbs, spices and other plants. They are commonly being considered for their flavoring as well as their antimicrobial activities, either for protecting food from microbial contamination, or as an alternative to antibiotic growth promoters used in animal livestock production.

Plant extracts and their blends, combined with Vitamins/Minerals/Prebiotics, provide the full performance potential in animal nutrition to improve daily weight gain, feed conversion, and supporting the animal health, while providing a sustainable technology and model.  The mode of action was elaborated with proprietary biotechnical in-vitro-tests, which allows us to avoid animal experiments.

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