About Frederic Issenhuth

Frederic Issenhuth holds a degree in Chemistry and Business administration.  He has 25 years experience in the enzyme and plant extracts industry.  He has worked in R & D, Sales and has held various management positions in Marketing, Business Management and Company Management.  

Frederic was involved in acquisitions/integrations of companies, brought start-ups successfully to market in the food and Agri-Tech sector.

In 2017, Frederic decided to create a new company, F. Biotech, to address the upcoming technological and societal challenges emerging in Human Food and Animal Nutrition/Health, based on enzymes and plant-extracts technologies.

Frederic is a member of the selection committee of the business accelerator Mass Challenge, also provides coaching to start-ups within MC and is well connected to the Food- and Agri-tech start-up and business acceleration community in the EU.


Frederic Issenhuth, F Biotech

“We are more than pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Mr. Issenhuth for his role as Head of Technical Due Diligences.
As a consultant for our company Mr. Frederic Issenhuth provided us with a comprehensive technical due diligence for a European company active in the biotechnology field.  we were impressed about his wealth of technical and market knowledge about enzymes, natural ingredients and extracts in the food, feed, cosmetic and pharma industry.  With his tremendous experience in diverse business positions he understood the complexity of the target company and identified possible hurdles.  
Mr. Issenhuth was highly committed to our project and knew how to build a trusted relationship between our project team and the target company.  he is open minded, very professional and has a positive attitude creating a great spirit for the whole project team.  The result has been remarkable and cannot be taken for granted.
Mr. Issenhuth deserves our highest recommendation and we wish him all the best for his future endeavours.”

“We are more than pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Mr. Issenhuth for his role as consultant for a M & A project.
Mr. Frederic Issenhuth, Managing Director of F-Biotech, has been consulted for a sensible project in the area of mergers and acquisition for a European start-up company active in the biotechnological service area.
Mr. Issenhuth possesses an impressive knowledge in the food ingredients and industrial biotechnology market combined with tremendous experience in business strategy development and M & A activities.  Even though we have contacted Mr. Issenhuth in the middle of our acquisition project he was immediately committed to our project and supported our team by providing business plan structure, generating qualitative and quantitative data, and coached us in terms of acquisition procedures. Mr. Issenhuth is a reliable and open-minded professional who can provide effectively, experience-based advice.  We appreciated Mr. Issenhuth’s service.”