F. Biotech is providing biological solutions: enzymes and plant extracts. Together with our customers, we improve performance while preserving the planet's resources.

F Biotech - Enzymes and plant extracts

Mission: in the sector of Food Nutrition/Health/ Processing and Animal Nutrition, we provide processing and functional ingredients with proven processing and physiological effects for Human Food and Animal Nutrition, for the production of high quality food and more healthy animals.

It is estimated that by 2050,  the world population will grow to approx. 10 billion people, which will consequently increase the demand for proteins. Not only there is a demand for higher animal and vegetal protein production, but there is also a need for better utilizing those either directly or indirectly in particular by valorising the manufacturing side-streams of those proteins.

F Biotech - Enzymes and plant extracts

Did you know?

50% of the world population is using less than 25 grams of animal proteins per day.

With the harvested agricultural biomass worldwide, the world produces more than 550 million tons plant proteins, from which only 110 million tons are being consumed directly by humans whereas 440 million tons are being consumed by animals for production of 90 million tons of animal meat protein.

This is why, having in mind a limited amount of resources and proteins provided by agriculture, it is essential to get the most out those, in order to ensure a sustainable evolution of our economy and society.

Based on up to date scientific as well as application knowledge, and in very close collaboration with our customers, we offer ingredients platforms for better human nutrition and improved animal health.